Help clean up the oceans

Clean Ocean Art donates 100% of its profits to amazing projects working on cleaning up our oceans. 


We consciously keep all of our costs low, so that we can donate as much money as possible.

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How it works

For every $10 spent in our store, $5 is donated towards ocean clean-up projects.

The other $5 goes towards keeping the lights on, so to speak: printing costs and keeping this site running. Any funds we have left over at the end of the year, will of course, be donated to the cause.

So far we're stoked to say that we've donated AUD $4,420.

Projects we support

There are loads of great initiatives working on cleaning up our oceans. Those we support are all not-for-profit, high impact, and have a proven track record. At the moment our fundraisers are donating to Take 3 and AMWRRO.

Take 3

By encouraging simple actions and spreading the good word, Take 3 are helping the world rid our beaches of plastic, three pieces of rubbish at a time.

Read more on their website:

Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO)

AMWRRO is a rescue, rehabilitation and research service for marine wildlife. They are based in Torrens Island in South Australia. 

Read more on their website: 

Donation receipts

To be as transparent as possible we make all of our donation receipts publicly available. You can view them all here.